Or how tiny molecules can have a big impact.
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Corrugated cardboard & grammage reduction

Sensitivity to water is a big driver of increased grammage. Eliminating it, pulp and cost savings could be as high 25%. This is especially relevant for corrugated cardboards as we can treat all liners and the flutes.

Plastic, PFAS & Paraffine substitution

These unsustainable materials are often used to provide water protection to all sorts of packaging, from corrugated to flexible. We can replace them for a fraction of the cost and make such products recyclable in the standard stream.

a close up of a stack of metal bars
a close up of a stack of metal bars
person holding brown paper bag with vegetable sandwich
person holding brown paper bag with vegetable sandwich
Silicon replacement

Release liners can be very difficult to recycle because of their silicon coating. We can offer the same surface energy at a lower cost with a recyclable solution.

Single use packaging

Paperization of packaging is here to last because of legislations, consumer demand and environmental goals. Giving it the necessary barriers used to be a challenge but we are solving it.

Molded pulp

Dry and wet molded pulp solutions are booming. But protecting them, notably from water is challenging. Our treatment works perfectly on 3D shapes to provide this necessary barrier.

Construction materials

Paper products are increasingly considered a great construction material. By making them permanently resistant to water, we expand their usage potential.

Water desalination

Membrane distillation can desalinate water with very low energy requirements but current membrane are very expensive. We are working on developing low-cost and high-performance paper membranes.

Oil-only absorbent papers

Whether it is for the industry or to remove oil from the oceans, our technology makes possible paper that absorbs only oil and not water in order to replace polypropylene.

clear drinking glass on gray surface
clear drinking glass on gray surface
Face masks, filter and gowns

Our ability to have paper resist to droplets but remain breathable, makes it a competitive new material for healthcare and filtering applications.

Bio-based fabrics

Our process can also be applied on other fibers such as cotton, allowing the development of bio-based fabrics with superior protection and recyclability properties.

Agriculture & Horticulture

Whether it is to develop paper tags and replace plastics, molded pulp pots or plastic-free flower packaging , we enable it.

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