About us

Cellulotech is a leading material science company dedicated to unlocking the full potential of cellulose in order to replace billions of tonnes of unsustainable and harmful materials. With our cutting-edge research and development, we are making possible new sustainable materials and products for many industries.

Material transition 101

We extract and consume around 100 billion tonnes of material every year. That's 12 500 kg per capita!
Less than 20% of these are renewable and circularity concerns only 7%. Depletion, pollution and climate change force us to find large-scale alternatives.

On the other hand, our planet produces more than 150 billion tonnes of cellulose every year. Cellulose is the most abundant organic compound on earth, a fiber, a fuel and a food at the same time.

We already know how to extract it, transform it and recycle it at a very large scale.

The challenge to make it the key material of our economies is therefore to be able to give it valuable properties at a low cost in order to replace billions of tonnes of unsustainable and harmful materials.

That's why we are here: to enable a large-scale and competitive material transition and build the cellulocene.

Paper, a wonder material

From its invention in ancient China to its widespread use across the world, paper has been instrumental in recording and preserving knowledge, educating the population, enabling communications, and facilitating administration, leaving a lasting impact on civilizations and shaping the way we live today.

We believe its impact will only increase in the coming decades. While it is already a key material in the packaging industry (and growing!), we believe its amazing mechanical properties, versatility, large-scale availability and low cost can make it a transformative material to make our overall economy sustainable.

Paper made our civilization possible. It will now help us to preserve it.

Our principles

To transform our economy, we need to focus on materials and processes that leverage what is abundant on earth, that can be easily scaled, and that are price competitive.

Open mind and arms

Scientific approach

Impactful innovation

Material transition is a serious endeavour. Expertise and experiences will lead our path, not what is "fashionable" on the short term.

We are not afraid of bold ideas that challenge conventional approaches. To bring them to fruition, we need to pool as many resources as possible with like-minded partners.

Our partners

Daniel Samain, PhD
Andrew Filler, BA JD

The cellulose apostles

Co-founder & Scientific Director

Romain Metivet, MSc

Co-founder & CEO

Advisor - Intellectual Property

Jean-Michel Dossier, A. Eng MA

Advisor - Machinery and Business Development

Robert Feeser, MSc MBA

Advisor - Paper & Packaging