Dr. Hans-Peter Sollinger, former CEO of Voith Paper, joins Cellulotech

9/6/20231 min read

We are honoured to announce that Dr. Hans-Peter Sollinger is joining the advisory board of Cellulotech.

Dr. Sollinger is the former CEO of Voith Paper from 2005 to 2014, the paper division of the German global technology group. He spent 32 years at Voith and played a key role in shaping the company as the world's leading supplier of technologies and services to the paper making industry.

Under Sollinger’s leadership, Voith Paper successfully acquired strategic companies, developed its automation business and internationalized its activities, notably in China with the founding of Voith Paper City in Kunshan. He also pioneered Voith's sustainability focus, acknowledging the necessity to work on ressource efficiency and the key role of paper as a sustainable material.

Dr. Sollinger will support Cellulotech with his experience and leadership to reach the next level as a technology supplier to the paper and packaging industry.

"I have no doubt that what Cellulotech has developed can have a massive impact on the industry and I look forward to help it reach its potential", declared Dr. Sollinger.

Photo credit: Voith